1. Membership and payment of fees to SEIFSA

      a) Wage agreements negotiated on a national basis.
      b) Access to information and seminars on, among others -
          i)    Skills Development Legislation
          ii)   Employment Equity
          iii)  Labour Legislation
          iv)  Disciplinary Procedures
          v)   Price adjustment     
      c) Access to Business South Africa and NEDLAC
      d) Access to Government Departments such as Trade and
          Industry and Labour

2. Association with MBSA which offers:-

      a) A voice on Contractual and Legal matters.
      b) Input to the Sub Contracting Committee.
      c) Access to Main Contractors.
      d) Access to the Construction Sector Education and
         Training Authority (CETA).
      e) Information on developments in the construction industry
         on a national front.
      f) Access to JBCC.

3. Association with SAFCEC which offers:-

      a) Access to Civil Engineering Contractors.
      b) Access to information in developments in the Civil
         Construction Industry.

4. Representation on the JBCC-CPAP Committee
     for price adjustment information.
5. Information on escalation and price increases.
6. Representation to the Steel Producers on supply
7. An influence on Standard Systems of Measurement.
8. Commitment of service and quality to customers.

9. Access to SAQA on industry labour qualifications.
10. Visibility of members by way of the SARCEA
       web site.
11. A Constitution with the Objects of, inter alia:-

      a) promoting cooperative action,
      b) encouraging industry action concerning legislation,
      c) establishing fair trading conditions.
      d) promoting standards to uphold the good name
         of the industry,
      e) collecting and disseminating information relative to
         the industry and
      f) providing assistance in industrial relations matters.

12. Association with similar parties with similar
       interests in other countries, and to obtain
       information from these organisations.
13. Use of SARCEA standard conditions.
14. Provision of a forum to discuss industry specific
       matters and to address these matters on a national
      industry front.
15. Access to SANS on technical matters.
16. Input to Stats SA on escalation and JBCC Indice
17. The promotion of members interests and
       maintaining a high profile in the Construction
18. A recognition of creditability from other sectors of
       the Construction Industry.
19. Training of Rebar Installer.
20. Training of Rebar Supervisors.
21. Seminars for Middle Management.