SARCEA support for training initiative

SARCEA fully supports the intensification of the SARCEA training initiative by maintaining that the success of these training programmes will not only benefit the industry, our clients and the general public but will have a significant impact on all the employees and their families who are directly dependant on the well being and development of the industry

South African Reinforced Concrete Engineers' Association

Skills Training

Many of the emerging sub-contractors who fix most of the rebar today are products of SARCEA's training scheme. It is not surprising that SARCEA is participating enthusiastically in the development work being undertaken by the Construction, Education and Training Authority and the Department of Labour.

The Training and Development Committee has established a Learnership Programme for the further development of Rebar Installers. This is a progression from the programme for training Rebar Installers that SARCEA introduced seven years ago.

The learnership expands into subjects that will prepare the learner for supervisory and management positions.

South African Reinforced Concrete Engineers' Association

Training Initiative

In efforts to improve the quality of workmanship for both member companies and their sub-contractors, SARCEA has embarked on the second phase of a training initiative by introducing a learnership for rebar installers. This follows the successful training of some 700 rebar installers in the initial requirements for the installation of reinforcing steel. The learnership will add the skills of cutting, bending and post tensioning to the rebar installation.

Steel detailing lectures, videos & yard visits

In order to promote a fully professional approach to the detailing of reinforcing steel, SARCEA has for many years provided lectures, assisted by a video and backed by site and steel yard visits, to final year University, Technicon and Draughting School students.

South African Reinforced Concrete Engineers' Association